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Trikon Telesoft is Where Your Career Takes a Soft Launch!

Everybody wants a boost in their career without compromising on the work life balance. That’s exactly what you get with us, as we not just aim to pay you well, but even craft a career path for you wherein you have time both for us and your family, not to mention fulfilling your personal interests or hobbies at the same time.

Other than that, working with us brings along multiple perks unlike most companies out there.

Benefits at Trikon Telesoft Solutions:
  •   Attractive Incentive Structure

  •   Time Off Benefits

    • (a) Paid Leaves : 35 days

    • (b) Official Holidays : 10 days per year

  •   Annual Leave Payout

  •   Employee Rewards Platform

  •   Diamond Award of Excellence

  •   Employer Sponsored Australian Visa

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